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Established in 1983, HRC is the oldest accredited archaeological consulting firm based in West Virginia, and is a charter member of the American Cultural Resource Association (ACRA).

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Horizon Research Consultants, Inc. (HRC), established in 1983, is a woman-owned, multifaceted cultural resource management firm based in Vienna, West Virginia. We provide cultural resource management, anthropological research, geotechnical services, and archeological research. HRC is the oldest accredited West Virginia-based archeological consulting firm, and is staffed by professional archeologists and historians. Our recommendations are trusted as thorough, reasonable, and complete. HRC has completed numerous investigations from small water projects to major excavations as described in our project profiles. Phase I, II, and III archeological investigations generally include extensive background research, field survey, and the completion of a report detailing our findings and providing recommendations on the impact on cultural resources.

Our anthropology division practices a wide range of cultural and applied anthropological research. Organizational studies to assess businesses, educational institutions, medical services, etc. have been conducted by HRC staff. Our company is also capable of performing needs assessments to identify problems or concerns and provide data necessary to solve those problems.

Cultural resource management projects include historic surveys and historic resource studies. Services include the survey and preparation of state and federal property recordation forms, National Register nominations, and other reports required by state and federal agencies. HRC recently completed a historic resource study of Storer College in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, for the National Park Service.

Our geotechnical component utilizes a partnership with D'Appolonia to provide cutting-edge technology to identify cultural resources. Using state of the art geophysical techniques and equipment we can identify features and buried components of archeological sites, thus eliminating questions about size, number, and distribution of buried features. We are equipped to conduct ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys, DC resistivity and magnetic gradiometry surveys.

The archeological component of HRC is two-fold. One major focus of our firm is providing consultation for both private companies and public agencies to aid them in complying with federal and state statutes related to historic preservation and cultural resource management, often referred to as Section 106 review. All development projects which involve public lands or public money must determine the impact that these activities will have on historic structures, archeological sites, and other cultural resources. HRC works closely with both client and agency to ensure a timely and cost effective completion of the project.

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