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Established in 1983, HRC is the oldest accredited archaeological consulting firm based in West Virginia, and is a charter member of the American Cultural Resource Association (ACRA).

Our Staff

HRC President/Logistic Coordinator

Tammy Taylor

Vice President/Project Manager

Kenneth Botham

Field Technician

Dana Taylor

Archaeological Staff:

Our archaeological staff consists of fully-trained, experienced, degreed professionals with a thorough understanding of the Section 106 Process. Our Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III prehistoric and historic archaeological investigations employ up-to-date techniques and methods, such as predicative modeling and geotechnical testing. This allows for the accurate assessment of cultural remains. Our staff can aid the client in all aspects of CRM project clearance.

Historical Staff:

Our historical staff provides the expertise and experiences to develop a context in which to analyze the homes, structures, and historical aspects of your project area. Services include the survey and preparation of state and federal property recordation forms, National Register nominations, and other reports required by state and federal authorities.

Anthropological Staff:

Our anthropological staff provides a variety of services to businesses and government agencies ranging from organizational studies, to needs assessments, and telephone and mail surveys. Using the most modern anthropological analytical techniques we utilize interviews, participant observation, and open ended survey to provide clients with an anthropological approach to managing organization.


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